Your Digital Dentistry Has Begun!

Course curriculum

  • 01
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  • 02
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    • Matching-Alignment
    • Add/Remove Option
    • Edit Mesh
    • Change tooth library FREE PREVIEW
    • (ZIRCONIA)Par. for diff. type of preps
    • Change Orientation
    • How to import .dentalProject
    • Parameters for different materials
  • 03
    Basic Level
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  • 04
    Intermediate Level
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    • Project for full arch over natural teeth
    • Design for full arch over natural teeth FREE PREVIEW
    • Project and Design full arch over implants (Screw Retained Manual Position)
    • Project and Design custom Abutment
    • Project and Design Hybrid Abutment
    • Project and Design Virtual WaxUp over IMPLANTs (EXOCAD PROTOCOL)
    • Diagnostic Waxup
    • Provisional Module (Project and Design)
    • Shell
    • Intermediate Practice
  • 05
    Advance Level
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    • Project to make Virtual Waxup
    • Design Virtual Waxup
    • Integration of Blender or Rhinoceros
    • Project to make Virtual Wax-up adapted over Temp Abutments (PMMA)
    • Design Virtual Wax-Up adapted over Temp Abutments(PMMA)
    • (PART1)Project and Design to make costume Ti-Bar
    • (PART 2)Project and Design to make costume Ti-Bar
    • Project to make Zr Frame over Ti-Bar
    • Design Zr Frame over Ti-Bar
    • Finalize Zr Frame
    • Finalize Zr Frame w Blender
    • Project to make Basic bar over implants
    • Design Basic Bar over implants
    • Advance Practice
  • 06
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  • 07
    NEW!!Model Creator
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    • Dies Parameters
    • Model Setting
    • How to put model creator 's analogs into Exocad
    • Lab Analogs and Removable Gingiva
    • Model Creator Practice
    • How to Create a Model with Multiple meshes(Coming Soon)
  • 08
    NEW!!Smile Creator Module
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    • Smile Creator